Language training

The basis for any language training course is always the client’s own needs. From these we recommend the training program best suited to fulfilling those needs. Choosing the correct course is important for achieving the best results. The best starting point is the client’s own learning goals and the time they have available for study.


  • One-to-one and pair teaching
  • Company specific groups
  • Individualised small groups
  • Crash courses
  • Themed seminars
  • Toolkit for Specialists / Assistants
  • Virtual training
  • Web-based self-study (private study)
  • The Finnish language and language maintenance
  • Language training abroad

If you wish to concentrate on your own areas of development, then the best option is one-to-one tutoring.

If the members of your work team have similar levels and goals then we recommend intensive training or traditional weekly meetings tailored exactly to your group’s needs. Our popular crash courses are 135-180 minute intensive courses on pre-defined themes for different sized groups. Themed seminars are usually one or two days long and can be held in various languages. They can be on a variety of subjects such as “Powerful Presentations.” Toolkit training programs include, in addition to spoken communication skills, training in culture and written communication.

We would be happy to help to choose a suitable training program for you.