Staff and trainers

The staff of Optimi Training Oy are here to attend to you flexibly and professionally.

Customer service

phone: 040 350 6740

The Managing Director of Optimi Training Oy is Auli Larkomaa.

Trainers and experts

Optimi Training Oy has a wide network of trainers: close to 100 native speakers and Finnish trainers as well as a wide network of cultural and interaction skills experts. All our teachers are graduates, qualified in language training and have wide-ranging experience of teaching in both public and private sector organisations.

Our trainers and experts are continuously extending their knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching methodology, adult education and cultural knowledge through in house training at Optimi as well as attending external courses.

Each language training is individual. We always tailor our training programs in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Cooperation begins with the mapping of goals and needs.

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Optimi Training Oy

Jääkärinkatu 7
00150 Helsinki
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